Thursday 24 May 2012

Olympic Torch in Ledbury - Hurrah for The Homend!

What a beautiful sunny day to welcome the Olympic Torch to Ledbury, and more specifically to the wonderful Homend, home to Caroline Potter Photography!.
Lots of lovely local traders came out to welcome the torch on its way past.  Below look out for Monkleys Furniture, Bamboo, Isaacs, Utopia hairdressers and the lovely Methodist Church folks who let me plonk my ladder outside the door!.  
Many excited school children waved flags, policemen blew whistles and all had a fantastic time.  One local lady remarked that she thought we should do something like this every month.  I agree.  Nothing like a bit of local spirit to remind you why we LOVE this beautiful country.

The lads from LDA meats in Ledbury found a great vantage point.

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