Wednesday 28 March 2012

What is a PreWedding Shoot?

Well now that is a good question. Many photographers, such as myself, think that it is a very good idea indeed to have one of these to help you get the most from your wedding photographs. Why?, well lets just say that you are not a professional model ( and apologies if you are of course). You may feel a little bit lost when suddenly you become the centre of attention from all of your family and friends. You may also feel a bit uncomfortable having to "pose" for shots with your other half. It may be that you have seen a particular photo though and are thinking ooo I want a picture like that.  So what better solution than for you to have a bit of a practice first eh?!..
So what happens...
We meet up, wherever you like, but often at your venue.
We chat ( I like chatting).
I get an idea for what things you would be comfortable doing, you tell me what preferences you have for shots.
We chat more ( see I told you I like chatting)
We practice a few "poses" if you want posing to be part of our time together on the day.
I run through a few tips and tricks for hand positions, feet positions. ( I'm also looking at your heights, to see how you naturally fit well together).
We have a lot of fun with some slightly less conventional poses if you like.
I take some pics when you are not looking too ( I am sneaky like that).
All in all we have a great time getting to each other so that on the wedding day you can relax and enjoy yourself and leave all the photo stuff to me.
Heres a lovely shoot we did last year, Kate and Ade brought along their son too, we had a great time.

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Hellens Manor Spring PreWedding Shoot

Isnt Spring just the best season!. I cant think of many more ideal places to walk round to appreciate all that new life and daffodil action. The only problem with Hellens is that every single turn is a photo opportunity, with beautiful nooks and textured backgrounds. Heres just a few places we found with M and E.

Tuesday 13 March 2012

London Two Day Vintage Rock Wedding

Well I am just too excited to wait so here is a little sneak peek from the wedding at the weekend. Married at Sutton House, London on the Friday with a massive rock and roll knees up at St. mattias the next day. Bride creative director Jo, and band member groom Michael looked stunning in red satin and tweed. A real family and friends affair, with flowers, food and cakes all sourced from professionals amongst them. A highlight being Rebel Bakeries Rock and Roll bride and groom, with vinyl cake stands and record cup cakes ( pics in full post). An inspiring and exciting few days, the icing on the cake being a live performance from the Grooms band later on the Saturday. Just a few because I cant wait... full post to follow in a few weeks x Oh and can I just say what an amazing, lovely, friendly group of people.... {and breathe..}
Specially requested shot inspired by the Beggars Banquet Album Pic by the Rolling Stones.

The surprise "Spinal Tap" moment